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It's a lovely thought but from my pov it seems to be but an exercise of extreme wishful thinking. It confuses me that this belief is held by some who also think the world is completely broken.

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The above quote makes everything sound perfect after all. It feels to me like it renders everything that happens on earth as completely non-existent, because everything is just wiped clean in the end.

So I guess it's strange in that although I don't believe in the sentiment, when I contemplate it I can see how it can be both reassuring and infuriating. Does anyone else feel strangely about it even though they believe this? I also am not sure how to take the thought that everything that has ever happened will be justified.

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Even extreme things like the holocaust? Can't something happen that is unjustifiable, or is that not possible?

Come Like a Child and Believe - Joyce Meyer

He's not referring to justifying the actions of men, but we, as people, often wonder as to why God lets terrible things happen. What he is saying, essentially, is that in the end, we'll understand why God "let" these things happen.

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I tend to think of it as all the crap we went through in grade school. At the time, it was heartbreaking. I cried over being teased, not having friends, or any mean thing said to me. Life is so much better.

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It doesn't diminish the cruelty of what we went through as kids, but it doesn't seem so bad now that we know how the world really works. I knew that I was devoted to one thing only, and that was to asking questions. And I knew that my creed was to never need to believe anything at all.

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And I could only do that if I gave myself permission to start off believing like a child. Not believing like a child the way my husband meant — blindly, obediently. But believing like a child the way a child actually would — relentlessly, insatiably. I would never say that I am an unbeliever. I believe there is meaning, and that there is depth to this human life. But I know that we are meant to believe like a child the way a child actually does: with constant questions, pondering, and endless curiosity.

How I Learned to Believe Like a Child

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