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That should give you a tiny idea of how shaky and fragmentary our knowledge is. Most people I meet talk only about rock stars, and prefer to talk while drunk, when they talk even more loudly about rock stars. I enjoy meeting people who are like Mary Beard. I am saddened that so few people I meet are anything at all like Mary Beard.

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Full disclosure: I have not read most of these. I shall. Good luck.

There were numerous contemporary accounts of Gaius, but they have almost all vanished. The few that have come down to us all have significant problems. Gaius himself was quite a prolific orator, equally eloquent in Greek and Latin, but the texts are gone without a trace; I presume they were disappeared at the same time he was.

Their tales are undoubtedly true, and they reflect poorly upon the emperor, to say the least, but what are we missing? I would imagine that we are missing the details of universal corruption and governmental dysfunction, and that we are further missing even worse horror stories, as well as of mitigating factors.

Modern Histories and Biographies

I imagine also that, amidst all the commotion, were occasional acts of genuine charity, along with occasional episodes of thoughtfulness and careful diplomacy. I would imagine that the emperor bore more than a small resemblance to many of my previous employers. That is all, alas, merely my imagination. Subsequent court historians were required to provide ample justifications for the assassination of Gaius. That they did, and they took to their assigned task with great relish and glee. The Histories and the Annals together comprised 30 books, and because of the fragmentary nature of the surviving manuscripts, modern scholars are not always able to determine which fragment originally belonged to which work.

Two and a half of these books are lost. The only surviving references to Gaius are a few scant asides sprinkled here and there, and they are as vicious as anything penned by Suetonius. Yes, beyond measure. Is it trustworthy? Only within limits. He had many axes to grind, and objectivity, in our sense of the word, was not a recognized concept in those days. Two thousand years ago it was rare for a writer to write simply to record facts for posterity.

Writers wrote to score political points; they retooled reality to make it conform with their ideas. Making matters worse, when details of any particular episode were missing, writers would simply recycle an older tale of what may or may not have been a similar episode, and just change the names. Would an ancient Roman have been able to understand the difference?

I tend to think not. Perhaps an ancient Roman could have understood the problem, but, absent microfiched newspapers and Archive. I only got about half-way through the Annals before I found myself far too upset to finish.

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To make things even more difficult, Tacitus assumed that all his readers would be familiar with all the names, places, and incidents that he mentioned so knowingly. This was all shop-talk, and nobody outside a small select circle would understand any of it, and that is why much of his text is simply impenetrable. The only edition I know of that even attempts to add some glosses though not nearly enough is J. Now, Tacitus was effectively forgotten not long after his death, and his works ignored.

Art, History and the Historiography of Judaism in Roman Antiquity

Apart from scattered quotations in other works, those are the only two manuscripts known to survive. Now we need to find the rest.

Has anyone scoured through Athos, Sinai, and other places of such ilk? Perhaps the most neglected aspect of the classical tradition is the pornographic The classical tradition has usually functioned as a counter-culture and not least where sex is concerned.

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We also share information about the use of the site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners. Meaning of "Caligula" in the German dictionary. Roman emperor. Synonyms and antonyms of Caligula in the German dictionary of synonyms. Examples of use in the German literature, quotes and news about Caligula.

Aloys Winterling, Jahrhunderts diagnostizierte Ludwig Quidde nach eingehendem Studium der literarischen Quellen Caligula Casarenwahnsinn: Das Bild des Casarenwahnsinns, das uns Caligula darbietet, ist geradezu typisch. Katharina Markmann, Liam Hopewell, Olaf Franke, Main article: Bianzhong. Ulrich, Memmingen.


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