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Author: Marius Hohl. Frequently presented as a pathway to a brighter future, one advantage of Circular Economy seems to be its connectivity to a wide range of crosscutting goals. In other words, adopting a Circular Economy seems quite desirable, since it offers economic, ecological and social benefits.

However, Circular Economy means different things to different people and recent analyses have identified a myriad of competing scientific as well as stakeholder definitions of Circular Economy. Hence, its malleable shape might lead to rather different and contested understandings of goals and pathways for a Circular Economy. The French Circular Economy Road Map clarifies that defining tangible goals and actors of Circular Economy is not as straightforward as one might think.


Consequently, talking about Circular Economy can quickly turn into talking in circles. Admittedly, these are two extreme examples, but differences in prevalent perceptions can also be found on a smaller scale. For instance, Laurenti et al. Since some kind of trade-off seems inevitable, defining the predominant goals of a Circular Economy becomes ever more important in instances of practical implementation, especially as they usually involve different actors with different agendas.

The recently adopted Circular Economy Road Map of the French environmental ministry illustrates this point well. In fact, the French Road Map points out economic, ecological as well as social benefits of a Circular Economy — e. You can either go through each of the steps of a spell part-by-part, or you can pre-prepare a bunch of spells and then cast them by saying "do the thing I wrote down at this location", which has the same effective "cost" as doing it the long way.

Circles Matter by Brian Lucas

This is why grimoires are useful - you can say "do the spell on page 45 of my grimoire" and it'll work just fine. A ritual circle would work fine for this, especially if you only wanted to cast the spell once. They're normally used for one-off, large-scale spells that have complex instructions. Of course, these days most spells are written in a special programming language and "run" as programs, but there's something satisfying about breaking out the chalk and drawing your spell on the floor.

As for "breaching" the circle This is why the first part of the spell should always be on the outer part of the circle, and the final instructions should be in the middle.

Circles Matter

In my world, it depends. Wands and chants are training wheels, and magicians are expected to do without them as they progress through their careers. Magic circles and rituals are only important if the scale of the magic is big enough so that it requires more than one magician to invoke the magic, and the said magicians are not confident in their coordination.

Magic circles can be drawn with anything, it can even be carved into the ground.

As long as the magicians can concentrate and synchronize the images in their minds into the effect they want, how the circle is drwan doe not matter. If breached, there the consequences vary dependong on the stage of their invocation. If it was breach at the start, nothing much happens.

If it was at the end, then the accumulated mana may explode on their faces, and invoke the incomplete magic on themselves. At first I tried to avoid circles as best i could, but as i developed the internal "physics" of my system circles, or more specifically N-spheres, began to find their place. In my system magic is an act of pulling "the past" or some crude amalgam of pasts, into the present.

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Doing this requires a kind of magical lensing, which is where circles come in. Circles dont have to be explicitly drawn, really the only important thing about circles is in the mathematical significance all points on the perimeter being an equal distance from the focal point. This leads to magical designs leaning heavily upon shapes that are circle or containing elements that have the mathematical quality of being equal distance from center as you can inscribe a circle based upon such points.

In the world of Horror Shop, to work magic one must first gather the anima that will power the spell you wish to cast. There are many ways to go about this, from chanting and ritual dances, to consuming plants with an affinity for the type of magic you wish to harness, to calling upon spirits, to delving into your own deepest terrors, to carving ancient runes of power, to coding an app that allows your smartphone to calculate complex occult equations, to combining several of the above in a complex ritual than blends traditions and schools.


In the European Hermetic tradition, one of the most common ways to cast a spell was to create a ritual circle, or seal, typically inscribed on a surface with chalk, charcoal or blood. These seals include arcane sigils and runes, Enochian words of power, astrological symbols and geomantic patterns. It can take an apprentice mage years to learn how to properly create a seal, but once one starts to understand the complex interplay between the various components of a seal, it becomes necessary easy to create a new seal on the fly for when a new spell is needed--so long as that spell's aspects fall within the components you have studied.

Over the past century or so, many mages from other traditions have adopted the Hermetic seal, and incorporated it into their own spellcasting for its ease in customization and effectiveness in rituals While by no means universal, the Hermetic seal has become an easily recognized symbol of the arcane and the occult in the modern world.

And that was before younger mages worked out how to use a simple light spell to draw the runes in the air, transforming the complex task of drawing a physical seal into the relatively more simple process of visualizing the seal, gathering a small bit of anima, creating the sigil out of light, and then completing the spell in mere seconds.

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