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Finally in a ruined mausoleum and a smashed sarcophagus were uncovered, providing the long-sought answer. But this story is a bittersweet one.

As preparation of this article for BAR neared completion, the archaeological community was shocked and saddened to hear of the untimely death of author Ehud Netzer. He lived for two days, long enough for a kidney to be donated so that someone else might live, as he had wanted. His retinas were given to a retina bank. He was The Biblical Archaeology Society BAS was founded in as a nonprofit, nondenominational, educational organization dedicated to the dissemination of information about archaeology in the Bible lands.

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King Herod's Tomb a Mystery Yet Again

Opinion Poll. Follow by Email. We join Israeli archaeologist Ehud Netzer, who has searched for Herod's tomb for three decades, as he and his team peel back thousands of years obliterated under the sands in a crusade for clues. Because of Josephus' writing, Herod is the best-documented character in the New Testament; more is known about Herod than about Jesus.

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Josephus described Herod's life, death, and even his funeral, which ends at Herodium. However, Josephus never described exactly where Herod's tomb was. To find it, Netzer relies on a his vast knowledge of Herodian architecture he had honed by excavating at classic Herodian sites like Caesarea, Masada, the Second Temple, and Jericho.

In and around ancient Judea, Herod built some 22 world-class temples, palaces, fortresses, and cities.

In search of Herod's tomb - The Archaeology News Network

At Masada he turned a crude mountaintop stronghold into a fortified palace complex that seemed to defy gravity. At Caesarea he built one of the Mediterranean's largest deep-water ports, a feat some believe should be considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. With his expansion of Jerusalem's Second Temple, Herod built one of the largest sacred complexes of its time, dwarfing the pagan shrines of Rome, equal to the size of about 26 football fields.

Finally, at Herodium, Herod built one of the largest palace complexes anywhere, and chose to be buried there. We help bring Herod's amazing architectural triumphs to life. Herod's Lost Tomb explores Netzer's decades-long search for the King of the Jews' fabulously carved mausoleum and coffin.

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David Langer at Herodion and King Herod's Tomb (Vlog)

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