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And they may leave this opening on purpose because they want to return to you after they do whatever they have to do during this break.

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My friend continues to say, "This is just a break and we will end up together. But she doesn't know what he's up to, and maybe he's never coming back at all. Hoping for his return prevents her from moving on , so he can come back whenever he wants to. The "break" is an unfair because it's a middle ground: not broken up , but not together. The person who asks for a "break" is in total control: They are doing whatever they need to do, and you're left wondering what you're supposed to do, especially if your goal is to stay together.

They don't have to pick up your calls , or see you. And they are pretty sure you'll wait around for them. I don't condone waiting around for someone after they've asked for a break. The best thing to do is move on. Even if they still like you, they won't take you for granted if they realize they could lose you. So, instead of wondering and trying to predict, you should make the best use of this "break" time for yourself.

What are your thoughts on the differences between "taking a break," and "breaking up"? Do you agree that a "break" is vague and usually means something bad, and a break is not necessary to figure out if you like someone? Has a "break" ever worked out for you and your significant other?

If God is taking things away, it's because He wants to ADD to your life!

Do women mean the same thing when they ask for a "break"? Follow me on Twitter: twitter. Follow Marie Claire on Twitter: twitter.

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Road Trippin' Through Southern California. Here are a few possibilities: Incremental Breakup Some guys are too chicken to break up in one shot. Pray for the wisdom that God promises to give James As a child continues to grow he can be instructed with Scripture. We can point our children to Scripture as we seek to turn their hearts from covetousness, quietly explaining what what God says about their attitudes and actions.

A two-year-old understands far more than we often believe he does. This verse has great object lesson potential. Go out and have your child try to catch some wind in his hand! Point him to God as his true source of contentment. Ask your child if he has food and clothes. Remind him that God says he should be content if he has these necessities. Much more could be said, but this post is already far too long! Maybe this should turn into another Doorposts book!

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This is another big topic that relates to sharing — one that we will try to briefly address in our next Tuesday post. This is great. I never thought to have them say the scripture to me as part of the training. I will definitely add this to my discipline toolbox. I am so glad to see this series.

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We have some problems with my inlaws and my husbands neices who are not taught to share and think they should be given whatever they want right when they want it. This has caused some serious friction in our family as we prefer not to be around those children because of the lack of discipline. I am going to print these out for my MIL to read in hopes that she will see that by allowing this behaviour she is encouraging the problem. Thank you for pointing out the fact that they need to learn to wait at other times. What a true point… yet I never thought of it that way!

Thank you, I think I learned this from your books but had gotten out of the habit. It helps to have a plan, for them and for me to react correctly. Thank you!

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A friend just gave me your website. I have 6 kids- ages 9, 7 and quadruplets who will be 3 on Dec 29th. Help them use it each time they are asking for something, until they can sign it on their own.