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These eventually evolved to become the teardrop-shaped morsels we find on shelves today, and her classic recipe is always printed on the back of the package. This may be what led to the popular recipe's spread across the country and beyond.

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Toll House chips first branched out beyond chocolate in , and various flavors have been introduced over the years, including butterscotch, white chocolate, dark chocolate, and pumpkin spice. They even have Delightfulls—baking morsels filled with caramel, peanut butter, cherry and mint flavoring. The dessert possibilities are endless! Someone is going to get one sweet NationalChocolateDay gift! For those not up for sifting and mixing, Toll House execs came up with a number of pre-made products, like their frozen cookie dough or refrigerated break-and-bake dough.

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Residents of Wakefield are truly proud of the cookie history in their town, and the beloved semi-sweet morsels have managed to have an impact on the entire state as well. In , a third grade class from Somerset proposed a bill that would honor chocolate chip cookies with the designation of official cookie of the Commonwealth.

The cookies have not, however, dethroned Boston Cream Pie as the state dessert. Phoebe claims that her family holds the secret recipe for the best-ever chocolate chip cookies, but after baking several batches, Monica gets the truth out of her. Dedicated bakers have been up in arms in recent years, claiming that recipes they've baked with Toll House semi-sweet morsels for years no longer turn out the same.

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Turns out it's possible to bake Toll House cookie dough by simply dropping the entire log on a baking sheet, Clueless-style , or it can be used for a stellar crust in our epic cookie dough cheesecake. I loved this book, though I had no knowledge of Snow White and Rose Red before reading it and not much now.

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I heard the author speak when she came to Connecticut in right after Tender Morsels was named a Printz Honor Book. For a number of reasons relating to theme and character, not the opening chapters I think that might have been a better way to go in this country, too. I know in our local library, only two people took it out.

  2. Moist turkeys, Christmas jumpers and other festive morsels.
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  7. I was one of them, and an adult friend of mine who couldn't get past the early chapters was the others. At least one nonlocal librarian has told me it was a hard sell with her YAs, too. I wonder if it's finding a very wide readership in the YA audience and might do better if marketed to adults like you and me. Gail, I agree this would make a good crossover title for sure--and maybe you're right that it might even do better marketed to adults.